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BCN Diesel CBD

Семена сорта BCN Diesel CBD


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We have been working on our new variety BCN DIESEL, which comes from the family known the world over as NEW YORK DIESEL, crossed with a variety with high CBD levels. The result is out BCN Diesel CBD genetics, with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:2. It’s a plant that reaches a considerable size in a short time, because of its hybrid strength. You should remember that the plant will grow quite a few centimetres more once flowering begins. It has good resistance to pests and is easy to grow. Its lemon-green leaves may suggest all might not be well, but it’s fine — that’s just its colour. Its buds tend to form a round, shape without tips and with a compact, strong structure. Its genetics mean that it produces a large amount of resin. Highly flavourful, with the characteristic citrus notes of the original Diesel a and relaxing, long-lasting effect. Recommended for pain relief. For medical queries, we recommend visiting thcterapeutico.com.

На странице представлены описание и характеристики семян конопли BCN Diesel CBD от производителя “Kannabia Seeds”. Тип сорта: феминизированные. Период цветения составляет 55 дней.


Тип Тип Феминизированные
Тип цветения Тип цветения Фотопериодичный
Генетика Генетика Diesel x High CBD Strain
Генотип Генотип Преимущественно Индика
Медицинские свойства Медицинские свойства Yes
Высота Высота 200 cm
Время цветения Время цветения 55 дней
Культивация Культивация в помещении, в открытом грунте
Урожайность Урожайность в помещении: 500 гр/м2 в помещении; в открытом грунте: 800 гр/plant



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